Chromatin Organisation & Dynamics

The organisation of bacterial and archaeal chromatin and its interplay with transcription

Bacterial chromosomal DNA is not confined to an envelope-enclosed organelle such as the nucleus in eukaryotes, yet the volume it occupies has to be reduced below that of the cell. An unconstrained chromosomal DNA molecule of 1.6 mm as found in E. coli would form a random coil with a volume of ~200 μm3.

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News & research highlights

Human Frontier Science Program grant awarded

A program grant has been awarded to the ‘Chromatin organisation & dynamics’ group and three partner groups at the University of Birmingham (Grainger), Caltech (Jensen) and University of Heidelberg (Heermann).

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Article published

Now online in Molecular Microbiology our studies on the motility of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius and its unique swimming organelle, the archaellum. Unexpectedly, our studies reveal that this type IV pilus like structure is capable of rotation and that its rotation drives swimming motility.

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Upcoming conference: Joint Dutch Chromatin Meeting & NVBMB Fall Symposium - October 29, 2013 - Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

The 'Joint Dutch Chromatin Meeting & NVBMB Fall Symposium'  will be organized at the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. The meeting is organized by Adriaan Houtsmuller, Wim Vermeulen, Joost Gribnau, Ben Tilly and Remus Dame.

Confirmed invited speakers:

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